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A May Eve Incantation

A May Eve Incantation

What You'll Need

  • A flower (such as a rose) with many petals that you can strip from the plant and strew about, or a variety of fresh greenery
  • A 5-6 inch red taper candle
  • Another fresh flower, intact

Traditionally, witches recite various chants on Beltane Eve. At midnight, mark out a nine-foot diameter circle on the floor using flower petals or greenery. Light a red candle. Hold the candle in your right hand and hold a flower, a well-budded branch of greenery, or other fresh plant in the left hand. Hold both candle and vegetation to the sky. Stand in the east of your circle of flowers and begin walking clockwise. Then recite the following chant three times. Make sure, likewise, that you circumambulate the perimeter of the flower-circle three times while chanting.

The Incantation

O, do not tell the priest of our arts

For they would call it a sin,

But we will be in the wood all night,

A-conjuring summer in!

And we bring good news by word of mouth,

For women, cattle and corn,

For the sun is rising up from the south,

With oak, ash, and thorn.


Excerpted from Wicca: A Year and a Day by Timothy Roderick.  (c) Lllewellyn Publishing Inc. Originally published in The Llewellyn Journal

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Beltane honors life at the peak of spring and the start of summer. The Goddess is celebrated as the Maiden and the May Queen at the peak of womanhood. The God as the Oak King courts and mates with her bringing fertility to the Earth. It is a night of passion, sensuality, vitality and joy. It is the time of the year to celebrate new ideas, hopes, and dreams putting them into action. Symbolically planting a seed or tending a garden is a wonderful activity recalling the crops of our ancestors and encouraging growth for any venture.

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