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Witches against President Donald Trump - I am not participating

Witches against President Donald Trump - I am not participating

Posted By: 1 Published: 02/24/2017 Comments: 0

You may have heard in the news that tonight, February 28, at midnight (EST) during the waning crescent moon, witches worldwide are to unite in performing a ritual against President Donald Trump. These are to be followed with rituals every waning crescent on March 26, April 24 and May 23, and so on. The goal is to bind Trump from doing harm against the nation and ultimately to get him out of office.

The spell is in essence a binding ritual (you might remember in the movie The Craft when Sarah tried to bind Nancy from doing harm. The principle here is the same). Key ingredients in the ritual are an Unflattering photo of Trump and the Tower tarot card.  The full ritual is available here.

I have been a practicing witch for 20 years, and while I understand the frustration over Trump and his policies, I won't be participating in this or other such binding rituals.  I feel that this is giving Trump more power - the more you think about a situation, the more energy you give it. Even if it is designed to work against Trump, the fact that hundreds, perhaps even thousands of witches worldwide will be focusing on Trump, gives him more power. The same problem during the election I feel - there was so much focus on him (for good or bad), it gave him more energy and attention which according to the Law of Attraction, might have actually helped him win the election.

I feel the best thing we can do is to ignore Trump. Instead of focusing on him, let us focus instead on how we can help those most affected by his policies and aiding his opponents. Passing legislature requires votes in Congress and the House of Representatives, so give those members of the Legislature your support and attention. Make sure they know how you feel and what you want to support. Do a spell to give them insight and the power they need to keep Trump in check and to bring all to work together for the betterment of our country.

Positive energy is always more powerful than negative energy. Let's work towards a more positive outcome.

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