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All Wicca is your online Wiccan supply store for those who practice the Earth-based spirituality of Wicca and other Pagan Spritual Traditions. Whether you have practiced Wicca for many years or are just starting out on this spiritual journey, we strive to present the finest products and supplies for you. We feature many small shops and artisans who create amazing pieces to enhance your spiritual practice. All Wicca includes beautiful statues for your altar, incense and oils for your rituals, books to guide and teach you more, Altar tools including chalices, athames, cast iron cauldrons, altar cloths, herbs and teas, and much more. As many Wiccans also practice The Craft (Witchcraft or spell work), we also include spell supplies to help reach your goals and achieve your dreams.

We hope we can help you during your path and are constantly adding new items, so please visit us often. If you practice other spritual traditions, you may want to visit our broader range mystical supply store, Mystic Convergence.  )o(

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Third Eye Black Scrying Mirror

Beautiful square black scrying morror is printed a powerful design uniting ..


8 Inch Round Black Scrying Mirror

This economical 8 inch round scrying mirror is perfect for getting started ..


6 Inch Round Black Scrying Mirror

This economical 6 inch round scrying mirror is perfect for getting started ..


Cernunnos, The Horned God Statue by Maxine Miller

Cernunnos is the Gaulish version of the Pan-Celtic “Horned God. ” In Welsh ..

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Celtic Border Black Scrying Mirror

Beautiful square black scrying morror is printed with a celtic knotwork bor..


13 Moons Scrying Mirror

Beautiful square black scrying morror is printed with the phases of the moo..


Brigit Goddess of the Hearth Small Candle Holder Statue

Our best selling statue of Brigit is now available in a smaller version! ..


Hecate with Torches Greek Goddess Statue

The Light Bearer from the Eleusian Mystery School. Hecate was known as the ..


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Creating Your Altar - Make it Personal
A lot of people just starting out on the Wiccan path (or other spiritual path that uses altars or shrines) get this book or that one and start obsessing over following the directions in it exactly - finding the perfect items for rituals and their altar. But what they often fail to realize is that the most powerful altar is one the means the most to you - altars are very personal objects so don't worry if you can't or don't want to follow directions in some book. Do what feels right to you.  What is an Altar? An altar is really just a working space set with objects that reflect ..
Ancient Treasures changing US Distributors
On of our favorite manufacturers, Ancient Treasures, is in the process of changing their US distributor and all inventory is currently in transit to their new warehouse while other pieces are in the process of being restocked - including items that have been out of stock for a long time! This came unexpectedly as of June 21 and affects their museum quality Egyptian replicas as well as some of the Celtic and other lines we feature at Unfortunately, this means there are shipment delays as they get everything transferred and re-inventoried. At this moment, I don't kn..