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Wiccan Altar Supplies

how to set up your wiccan altar - shop wiccan supplies for your ritual space and altar

Setting up an altar perfect for your Wiccan practice can be confusing, especially if it is your first one. An altar is a very personal space and we always recommend doing what feels right to you, even if that Wicca book you love says otherwise.  We have an article on how to set up an altar but it too is just a guide.

Shop our huge selection of Wiccan Altar Supplies to find the items that speak to you for your own altar. We offer altar tables, altar clothes, athames (witches blades) and swords, wands, cauldrons and offering bowls, altar statuescandle holders, Wiccan altar chalices, and pentacles and altar tiles.

While many Wiccan Traditions vary on the set up of their altar, here are things that most Wiccan beliefs share in common. It is a good place to start in setting up your own Wiccan Altar.

Wiccan Altars & Shrines

wiccan altar set with a pentacle for wiccan spells and wiccan rituals

Finding the perfect spot for a permanent Wiccan Altar can be difficult and altars are often temporarily set up for specific Wiccan holidays or rituals. A beautiful altar cloth is often changed for each Wiccan Sabbat.

Altar Statues & Plaquesgoddess statue for your wiccan altar

In most Wiccan beliefs, universal energy is seen as dual - both Masculine and Feminine. Altar Statues often are used to represent this duality through an image of a God and Goddess.

Athames & Blades

ritual daggers or athames are often including on a wiccan altar

An athame, traditionally a double-edged small dagger, is used to ritually cut and direct energy. Most Wiccan beliefs say it should never be used to draw blood. A boline is a working blade used to cut herbs, cords, and other items during Wiccan rituals. Some traditions use swords instead and most consider an athame a symbol of the element of Air.

Candle Holders for your Altar

shop candle holders for your wiccan altar supplies

Candles are used in many religions both for the symbolism of fire and light. A Wiccan altar often includes a central Altar Candle as well as candles for the God and Goddess and for a specific spell or ritual symbolism.

Cauldrons & Altar Bowlswitches cauldron for wiccan altar and witchcraft spells

A cauldron represents the womb of the Goddess - a place of birth or creation and is often used in Wiccan spells and rituals. Many Wiccan beliefs give thanks and offerings to the Gods using a lovely offering bowl.

Chalices & Altar Vessels

wicca altar supplies chalices and vessls

A ritual chalice is used in Wicca as a vessel for pure water and a symbol of the womb of the Goddess. Most Wiccan Rituals end with the eating of cakes and the sipping of wine or water from the sacred chalice. Salt and other spell ingredients are often placed on the alter in small vessels for use during the ritual or Wiccan Holiday.

Pentacles, Altar Tiles, Charging Plates

A central Pentacle on the Wiccan Altar symbolizes Earth and is often used as a place to charge herbs and other spell ingredients or crystals and gems for use during your Wiccan ritual.

Wiccan Magick Wands and Brooms

Brooms are used in Wiccan Ritual to sweep clean an area of negative energy before a Wiccan Ritual. Wands direct energy and are often used in place of an athame.

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