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Wiccan Holiday Calendar - Esbats and Sabbats

Here is a list of Pagan Holidays for the Year for the Northern Hemisphere (all times given are EST). We will be adding more dates and information through the year so be sure to check back.

Dates for the Southern Hemisphere are now shown as well with (SH) next to them.

January 2018:

Full Moon - January 1

Twelfth Night - January 5

New Moon - January 16

Full Moon - January 31

February 2018:

Imbolc - February 1

Lughnassadh (SH) - February 2

New Moon - February 15

March 2018:

Roman New Year - March 1

Full Moon - March 1

New Moon - March 17

Ostara, Spring Equinox - March 20

Autumn Equinox (SH) - March 20

Full Moon - March 31

April 2018: A month of pending rebirth, as the earth prepares for new life to sprout. This is a great time to get out into nature (especially for those that had a cold, snowy winter) to enjoy the change of the season. Plant herbs and other magical plants to use all year long.

Celtic Tree Month of Willow begins - April 15

New Moon - April 15

Earth Day - April 22

Floralia Honors the Goddess of Spring and Flowers - April 28-May 3

Full Moon - April 29 - The Wind Moon at 2:09 am.

Beltane Eve - April 30

Samhain Eve (SH) - April 30

Walpurgisnacht - April 30 (German)

May 2018: A good time to expand your horizons, try something new, or find a new job, career or hobby.

May Day/Beltane - May 1

Samhain (SH) - May 1

Roman Festival of Bona Dea, the Fertility Goddess - May 1

Floralia Honors the Goddess of Spring and Flowers - April 28-May 3

Celtic Tree Month of the Hawthorn begins - May 13

New Moon - May 15

Frigga Blot - May 27

Full Moon - May 29 - Flower Moon at 10:29 am.

June 2018: Celebrate the long, light-filled days of summer. A great time to honor solar dieties such as Ra, Horus, and Apollo. The sun nourishes and warms making it a great time for enhancing things already in your life.

Bellona Festival - June 3

Vestalia - the Roman Festival honoring vestal virgins - June 7-15. A great time to celebrate women, especially young maidens.

New Moon - June 13

Asatru Alliance Founding Day - June 19

Summanus Festival - June 20

Summer Solstice/Litha - June 21

Winter Solstice/Yule (SH) - June 21

Day of Bad Omens - June 23

Full Moon - June 28 - Strong Sun Moon at 12:53 am.

July 2018: The sun continues to burn bright during the long summer days and warm nights. A great time to get into the water at the beach, lake or pool and feel the power of water letting it wash away the old and bring you the new. It is also a great time to slow down, count your blessings and work on divination and meditation.

Celtic Tree Month of Holly begins July 8

New Moon - July 12

Neptunalia - July 23

Full Moon - July 27 - Blessing Moon at 4:21 pm

Lughnassadh Eve - July 31

Imbolc Eve (SH) - July 31

August 2018: Harvest time is time to reap the benefits of what you have been growing all year. Remember though to take some time to save some of the bounty up for the coming winter.

Lughnasadh - August 1

Imbolc (SH) - August 1

Celtic Tree Month of Hazel begins - August 5

New Moon - August 11

Pomona, the Roman festival of the Goddess of Apples and Orchards - August 13

Portunalia - August 17

Vulcanalia, the Roman Festival of the God of Craftsmen. August 23.

Full Moon - August 26

September 2018: Fall comes to many areas, a time to prepare for the coming cold and celebrate home and family. Store your harvest, enjoy the cooler days and evenings by getting out into nature for long walks coming home to some comfort food.

New Moon - September 9

International Day of Peace - September 21

Autumn Equinox/Mabon - September 23

Spring Equinox/Ostara (SH) - September 23

Full Moon - September 24

October 2018: The dark half of the year begins. It is a time of reflection and honoring your ancestors and friends who have crossed over as the veil between the worlds is the thinnest. Divination and psychic messages, meditation and journaling are commonly practiced now.

Roman Festival of Bacchus, the God of vines, vegetation and wine - October 3

New Moon - October 8

Fontus Festival - October 13

Full Moon - October 24 - Blood Moon at 12:45 pm

Celtic Tree Month of Reed begins - October 28

Samhain Eve - October 31

Beltane Eve (SH) - October 31

Halloween - October 31

November 2018: A time for meditation and reflection as winter sets in. Work to develop and strengthen your connection to the Divine, to let go of things that no longer serve you, and connect with family and friends.

All Saints Day - November 1

Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos - November 1

Festival of Woden - November 2

Bonfire Night - November 5

New Moon - November 7

Full Moon - November 23 - Mourning Moon at 12:39 am

Celtic Tree Month of Elder begins - November 25

Feast of Ullr - November 27

Festival of Hecate Trivia (Roman) honoring Hecate, the Goddess of magic and sorcery - November 30

December 2018: Enjoy the company of family and friends at the height of winter. It is a good time to reflect on the previous year and look forward to the new one ahead taking stock of things you want to change or improve.

Bona Dea - December 4

Krampusnacht, celebrating the Bavarian Krampus - December 5

Faunalia - December 5

New Moon - December 7

Day of Egil Skallagrimsson - December 9

Agonalia - December 11

Saturnalia - December 17

Winter Solstice/Yule - December 21

Summer Solstice/Litha (SH) - December 21

Yule Feast - December 22

Full Moon - December 22 - The Long Nights Moon at 12:49 pm

Celtic Tree Month of Birch begins - December 23

Feast of Frau Holle, German Goddess - December 25

Christmas Day - December 25

Yule 12th Night - December 31

Festival of Hogmanay - December 31