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Health, Healing and Meditation at All Wicca Magickal Supplies

A Guide to Body Wisdom
Blackthorn's Botanical Brews
Chakra Empowerment for Women
Chakra Meditation Oracle
Chakra Meditations CD
Chakra Therapy
Climate Cure

Climate Cure


Crystal Grid Secrets
Crystal Gridwork
Crystal Power

Crystal Power





Crystals Beyond Beginners
Crystals for Beginners
Crystals, Plain & Simple
Curative Magic
Divine Lotus Mother CD
Earth Air Fire Water CD Set
Earth Energies
Essential Herbal Wisdom
Flower of Life Meditations CD
Forgive and Be Free
Herbal Remedies for Beginners
Karmic Choices
Modern Dreamwork
Psychic Yoga

Psychic Yoga


Reiki Healing Touch Music CD
Reiki Plain & Simple
Sanctuary of Your Own
Tarot Healer

Tarot Healer


The Art & Science of Meditation
The Book of Shamanic Healing
The Gift of Crystals
The Magic of Pathworking
The Witching Herbs
Trust CD Set

Trust CD Set


Wake, Bake & Meditate
Whole Body Healing

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Explore the world of Alternative Medicine and natural healing in these informative books. From energizing and cleansing the chakras to using Bach Flower remedies, natural and ancient magic and meditation, you will find something here to help energize and heal you and those you love.

This section includes books about Reiki, Magical Rituals, Shamanism, Meditation, Bach Remedies, Aromatherapy and many other methods of natural healing.  (Please note we cannot guarantee results or healing from the use of these books - always seek traditional medical advice as well).

We are always adding more items so be sure to check back often.