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Spell & Ritual Kits at All Wicca

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Chakra Energizing Kit

Accessing these energy centers can promote healing and spiritual growth. ..

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Pagan Magical Spell Kit

Barbara Moore Paganism is a complex and fascinating spiritual tradition...

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Spell & Ritual Kits at All Wicca

Everything you need for a spell or ritual in a great kit!

While these kits contain the materials and a spell, they will only be effective for those who put the work and energy into them. Do not forget to put all mundane effort into achieving your result as well - doing the lottery spell for example will not work if you do not buy an actual lottery ticket!

You should also have a working knowledge of spells and some system of witchcraft to properly use these kits. If you've never worked magic before, they will probably not work.

Final note - we sell these kits with no guarantee of results and no claim that you will get the outcome desired. While we believe magic and spells work, we cannot guarantee your results.

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