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Embracing the Wolf Moon in Leo: A Wiccan Perspective

As the Wheel of the Year turns to January 25, 2024, the night sky gifts us with the Wolf Moon, shining bright in the theatrical sign of Leo. This full moon holds particular significance in the practice of Wicca, a time for deep reflection, celebration, and ritual. It occurs during a period when the Sun resides in the forward-thinking sign of Aquarius, creating a dynamic balance between self and community, a theme deeply resonant in Wiccan beliefs.

The Wolf Moon in Wiccan Tradition

In Wicca, the Wolf Moon is a time of awakening. Named after the howls of wolves that echo through the cold winter nights, it symbolizes our inner callings and instincts. This moon phase invites us to tap into our intuition and primal strength, reflecting the core Wiccan principle of inner wisdom and the reverence of nature's cycles.

Leo and Aquarius in Wiccan Beliefs

Leo, ruled by the Sun, represents the height of personal power and creativity. Its energy during the full moon is a reminder of the Divine within each of us, the inner flame that illuminates our path in the Craft. The Sun in Aquarius, meanwhile, aligns with the Wiccan Rede's emphasis on the greater good – "An it harm none, do what ye will." This alignment speaks to the balance between our individual magical practices and their impact on the wider community and environment.

Rituals and Magic Under the Wolf Moon

For Wiccans, the Wolf Moon in Leo is a powerful time for rituals that focus on self-expression, empowerment, and the strengthening of one’s personal craft. It's an opportune moment for spellwork aimed at bolstering confidence, creativity, and personal charisma. Additionally, this lunar phase is ideal for divination practices, as Leo’s bold energy can help clarify intentions and goals.

Communal rituals and coven gatherings under this moon can focus on harnessing individual talents for the collective benefit, reflecting the Aquarian spirit. Group spellwork or rituals that aim to bring about social change, innovation, or community healing are particularly potent at this time.

The Significance of Crystals, Herbs, and Oils in Wiccan Practice

In Wicca, every natural element holds significance, and the Wolf Moon is an excellent time to incorporate specific crystals, herbs, and oils into rituals. Crystals like Tiger's Eye, Sunstone, and Amber can be used on altars, in spellwork, or carried as talismans to draw upon their energies of courage, creativity, and balance. Herbs such as chamomile and bay leaves can be used in teas, incense, or spell ingredients for relaxation, victory, and protection. Oils like frankincense and rosemary are perfect for anointing candles, tools, or oneself to enhance spiritual connections and mental clarity.

Wolf Moon Esbats in Wicca

Esbats, or gatherings during the full moon, are a key component of Wiccan practice, and the Wolf Moon offers a unique energy for these rituals. It's a time to come together to honor the Goddess in her full aspect, celebrating the fertility and strength she bestows. The Wolf Moon Esbat can include activities such as moonlit dances, chanting, or drawing down the moon, a ritual in which the energy of the Goddess is invoked into the High Priestess or solitary practitioner.

A Time of Magical Potency and Balance

The Wolf Moon in Leo, viewed through the lens of Wicca, is a period rich with magical potential. It encourages practitioners to honor their power while remembering their connection to the wider community and the natural world. This lunar cycle reminds us that while our practice is vital, our collective actions and intentions weave the tapestry of a balanced and harmonious universe.

In celebrating this full moon, Wiccans can deepen their connection to the Divine, the Earth, and each other, embodying the true spirit of the Craft. Let this Wolf Moon be a beacon, guiding your journey in the magical arts and illuminating the path toward spiritual growth and communal harmony.

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Author: Lori Anne Brown

Lori Anne Brown is a life-long learner and spiritual seeker long interested in natural healing, crystals, and metaphysics. Spiritually Lori is an Omnist believing all religions and spiritualities contain truth and wisdom with a personal practice that contains elements of Wicca, Buddhism, Egyptian Kemetism, and more. She is a certified Reiki Master and Crystal Healer, an artist, sci-fi geek, and gamer, as well as the owner of this shop and

She currently resides in Central Florida with multiple fur babies. 

Lori is all over social media so find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. She has a personal blog at

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