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New Moon in Cancer: Embrace the Nurturing Tides

The night sky has always captivated us, drawing our gaze upward as we ponder the mysteries of the celestial realm. Among the countless celestial events that grace our skies, the New Moon holds a special place in our hearts. Symbolizing new beginnings and fresh starts, the New Moon gifts us with an opportunity to align our intentions with the cosmic energies that surround us. And on July 17, we are blessed with the gentle embrace of the New Moon in Cancer.

This article delves into the mystical Cancer New Moon including:

  • The meaning of the New Moon
  • The meaning of the zodiac sign of Cancer & how it affects this moon phase
  • Crystals, Herbs, Oils, and Incense to utilize the energy of this New Moon
  • Suggested rituals and activities for the New Moon in Cancer
  • Link to our free New Moon worksheet to help you delve deeper into what this lunar cycle means to you.

Understanding the New Moon

The New Moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle when the Moon is in perfect alignment with the Sun, rendering it invisible to our earthly eyes. As the sky darkens, we find ourselves at the threshold of an extraordinary moment, a cosmic blank canvas on which we can etch our dreams and aspirations. It is a time of immense power, one that allows us to shed the weight of the past and embark on a new path illuminated by hope and possibility.

The New Moon is a magical phase that signifies rebirth and renewal. As the Moon aligns with the Sun and remains hidden from our view, it symbolizes a blank canvas upon which we can manifest our intentions and dreams. It invites us to release the old, make space for the new, and embark on a fresh chapter in our lives.

During this time, the energy is primed for setting intentions and planting seeds of desire. Just as farmers carefully sow their seeds during the fertile soil of spring, we, too, have the opportunity to sow the seeds of our dreams during the New Moon. By aligning our intentions with the cosmic energies at play, we can manifest our desires and set the course for the coming lunar cycle.

How The Zodiac Sign of Cancer Affects this New Moon

With the New Moon in the zodiac sign of Cancer, the energy takes on a deeply nurturing and intuitive tone. Cancer, represented by the crab, is known for its emotional depth and ability to connect deeply with others. It governs the realm of emotions, intuition, and the home, creating a profound sense of safety and security.

During the New Moon in Cancer, we are encouraged to explore our emotional landscape and honor the power of vulnerability. This is a time to listen to our hearts and embrace the whispers of intuition that guide us. Cancerian energy teaches us to embrace our emotions and allows us to express ourselves authentically. It urges us to nurture ourselves and others, offering love, compassion, and support.

The nurturing energy of Cancer invites us to create a sanctuary within our hearts and homes. It reminds us of the importance of family and encourages us to cherish our loved ones. This is a time to strengthen our bonds with those closest to us and to express gratitude for the comforting haven our home provides. Embracing the Cancerian spirit during the New Moon helps us cultivate a sense of belonging and emotional well-being.

Engaging in activities that bring us joy, journaling our emotions, and spending quality time with loved ones nourish our souls and deepen our connection to ourselves and others. By embracing the nurturing energy of the New Moon in Cancer, we can tap into our emotional reservoir and create a foundation for personal growth and transformation.

Utilizing the Energy of the New Moon in Cancer

During the New Moon in Cancer, we have the opportunity to engage in rituals and practices that nurture our souls and deepen our connections. The energy of crystals, herbs, oils, and incense can all help us better connect to this lunar phase.

Practicing self-care and self-reflection during this time is vital. Engaging in activities that bring us joy, journaling our emotions, and spending quality time with loved ones nourish our souls and deepen our connection to ourselves and others. By embracing the nurturing energy of the New Moon in Cancer, we can tap into our emotional reservoir and create a foundation for personal growth and transformation.

As we prepare to embark on this celestial journey, let us open our hearts and minds to the nurturing embrace of the New Moon in Cancer. By delving into the depths of our emotions, nurturing ourselves and our loved ones, and engaging in rituals that honor the power of vulnerability, we invite profound healing and growth into our lives. The New Moon in Cancer serves as a reminder that within the gentle waves of our emotions lies the potential for transformation and the birth of new beginnings.

A. Crystals

Crystals have long been regarded as powerful allies in harnessing and amplifying energy. During the New Moon in Cancer, specific crystals can deepen our connection to the nurturing and intuitive energies at play.

  • Moonstone: As a crystal intimately connected to the moon, moonstone is a perfect companion for the New Moon. It enhances intuition and emotional balance, allowing us to tap into our inner wisdom and navigate our emotions with grace. Moonstone's gentle energy supports us in embracing vulnerability and nurturing ourselves and others during this lunar phase.
  • Rose Quartz: Known as the stone of love, rose quartz opens the heart chakra and encourages self-love, compassion, and emotional healing. It assists in releasing emotional blockages and invites us to embrace our authentic selves. During the New Moon in Cancer, rose quartz can be our loving companion, helping us cultivate nurturing relationships and fostering a deep sense of connection.
  • Carnelian: With its vibrant and fiery energy, carnelian ignites passion and creativity. It encourages us to express our emotions and desires with courage and enthusiasm. During this New Moon, carnelian can infuse us with confidence and motivation, empowering us to set bold intentions and embark on new ventures with passion and determination.

B. Herbs and Oils

Herbs and essential oils have been utilized for centuries for their therapeutic properties and their ability to enhance our spiritual and emotional well-being. Here are some correspondences for the New Moon in Cancer:

  • Chamomile: Chamomile is renowned for its soothing and calming properties. It promotes relaxation, eases anxiety, and brings emotional balance. As we delve into the realm of emotions during this lunar phase, chamomile can help us find tranquility and inner peace. Brew a cup of chamomile tea or use chamomile essential oil in your rituals to embrace its nurturing essence.
  • Jasmine: The enchanting fragrance of jasmine uplifts the spirit and enhances intuition. It stimulates the senses and invites sensuality and emotional connection. Jasmine essential oil can be used in diffusers or applied to pulse points to awaken our senses and deepen our intuition during this New Moon.
  • Lavender: Lavender is a versatile herb renowned for its calming and healing properties. It promotes emotional well-being, soothes the nervous system, and encourages restful sleep. Incorporating lavender in your rituals through essential oils, dried herbs, or lavender-scented candles can create a serene atmosphere, facilitating emotional healing and relaxation.

C. Incense

The act of burning incense has long been associated with spiritual practices and ritual ceremonies. Selecting the right incense during the New Moon in Cancer can enhance nurturing and intuitive energies.

  • Sandalwood: Sandalwood has a grounding and purifying effect on our energy. Its earthy and soothing aroma creates a serene environment, promoting emotional stability and clarity. Burning sandalwood incense during rituals or meditation can help us feel anchored and connected to the nurturing energy of the Cancerian spirit.
  • Frankincense: Frankincense has been valued for centuries for its spiritual and purifying qualities. It helps deepen our meditation practice, enhances spiritual connection, and uplifts the energy of a space. Burning frankincense resin or incense during the New Moon in Cancer can facilitate a heightened sense of awareness, creating a sacred space for introspection and emotional healing.

By incorporating these crystals, herbs, oils, and incense into our New Moon rituals, we can amplify the nurturing energy and deepen our connection to the Cancerian spirit. Their correspondences align with the themes of emotional healing, intuition, and creating a safe and nurturing environment during this lunar phase. Remember to trust your intuition and select the correspondences that resonate with you personally, as your unique energy and intention will infuse them with added potency.

As we surround ourselves with these correspondences, we create a sacred space to honor our emotions, nurture ourselves and others, and set intentions aligned with the transformative energy of the New Moon in Cancer.

Rituals and Activities For the Cancer New Moon

The New Moon in Cancer presents us with an opportune time to engage in rituals and activities that align with the nurturing and transformative energies at play. Here are some suggested practices to deepen your connection with this celestial event.

A. Setting Intentions

Setting intentions during the New Moon is a powerful way to focus our energy and manifest our desires. Take time to reflect on what you wish to invite into your life and set clear, positive intentions. Craft a personal intention statement, using heartfelt and affirmative language. Visualize your intentions as already fulfilled, allowing yourself to feel the joy and fulfillment they bring. Write your intentions down on a piece of paper or in a journal, and place them in a sacred space where you can revisit them throughout the lunar cycle.

B. Moon Bathing

Moon bathing is a beautiful practice of immersing yourself in the moon's energy. Find a quiet space where you can be under the night sky, whether it's in your backyard, a balcony, or near a window. Close your eyes and take deep, intentional breaths, grounding yourself in the present moment. Allow the soft glow of the moon to wash over you, enveloping you in its soothing energy. Feel the gentle caress of the moonlight on your skin, connecting you to the cosmic flow of the universe. Embrace the stillness and silence, and allow yourself to be present with your emotions and intuition. You may choose to journal your thoughts and experiences afterward, capturing the insights and messages that emerge.

C. Nurturing Self-Care

During the New Moon in Cancer, prioritize self-care practices that nourish your soul and deepen your connection with yourself. Engage in activities that bring you joy, comfort, and relaxation. Take a warm bath infused with aromatic salts or essential oils, allowing the water to cleanse and rejuvenate your energy. Practice mindfulness and meditation to quiet the mind and foster emotional balance. Engage in creative pursuits such as painting, writing, or playing music, as a means of self-expression and introspection. Surround yourself with objects and scents that evoke a sense of nurturing and comfort, such as soft blankets, candles, or your favorite herbal tea. Honor your emotions and listen to your inner voice, granting yourself the love and care you deserve.

D. Honoring Ancestry and Home

Use this New Moon in Cancer as an opportunity to honor your ancestry and connect with the energy of your home. Create a sacred space where you can display photographs or mementos of your ancestors, offering gratitude and reverence for the lineage that has shaped you. Light a candle or burn incense as a symbolic gesture of remembrance and connection. Spend time decluttering and organizing your living space, allowing fresh energy to flow and creating a harmonious environment. Consider setting up a small altar dedicated to nurturing energy, adorned with crystals, symbols of protection, and objects that hold sentimental value. Offer a heartfelt prayer or affirmation for the well-being and happiness of your home and all who dwell within it.

As you engage in these rituals and activities, remember that the New Moon in Cancer invites you to nurture yourself and others, honor your emotions, and create a supportive and loving environment. Trust your intuition and allow yourself to fully experience the transformative energy of this lunar phase. By embracing these practices, you open yourself up to profound healing, personal growth, and a deeper connection with the nurturing essence of the Cancerian spirit.

Honor Yourself and the New Moon

The New Moon in Cancer holds the power to inspire deep emotional healing, personal growth, and transformative experiences. As we embrace the nurturing and intuitive energy of Cancer, we tap into the essence of vulnerability and connection. This lunar phase invites us to set intentions, engage in rituals that honor our emotions, and create nurturing spaces within our homes and hearts. By harnessing the energy of the New Moon in Cancer, we can embark on a journey of self-discovery, self-care, and profound transformation.


Q: What is a New Moon?

A: A New Moon is a lunar phase that occurs when the Moon and Sun are in conjunction, aligning in the sky and making the Moon appear invisible from Earth. It signifies the beginning of the lunar cycle and is associated with new beginnings, fresh starts, and setting intentions.

Q: What does a New Moon in Cancer mean?

A: When the New Moon occurs in the zodiac sign of Cancer, it amplifies the nurturing, protective, and emotionally sensitive energy associated with Cancer. It encourages us to explore our emotions, embrace vulnerability, and deepen connections with our loved ones. This lunar phase highlights the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment for ourselves and others.

Q: What does the Cancer New Moon mean to me?

A: The Cancer New Moon holds personal significance as it invites you to explore your emotional landscape, honor your intuition, and nurture yourself and your relationships. It is a time to embrace vulnerability and connect with your innermost desires and needs. The Cancer New Moon encourages self-care, the expression of authentic emotions, and the cultivation of a supportive and loving environment both within yourself and in your home.

Remember, while these general interpretations offer insight, your personal experiences and interpretations may vary. Embrace the energy of the Cancer New Moon in a way that resonates with your own journey of self-discovery, healing, and growth.

To explore what the New Moon in Cancer means to you, download our free worksheet.

Author: Lori Anne Brown

Lori Anne Brown is a life-long learner and spiritual seeker long interested in natural healing, crystals, and metaphysics. Spiritually Lori is an Omnist believing all religions and spiritualities contain truth and wisdom with a personal practice that contains elements of Wicca, Buddhism, Egyptian Kemetism, and more. She is a certified Reiki Master and Crystal Healer, an artist, sci-fi geek, and gamer, as well as the owner of this shop and

She currently resides in Central Florida with multiple fur babies. 

Lori is all over social media so find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. She has a personal blog at

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